Business Security & Automation

If you’re a business owner, you may find that your office feels like a second home. Nothing is more important than keeping your employees, inventory, and building safe. Fortunately, there are a number of efficient and effective security options that can help you prevent theft and reduce the risk of property damage while making your life a bit less hectic. ADT 24/7 Total Protection offers the most effective security measures possible, as well as automation features that will benefit your business’s overall security and well-being.

What security measures will provide the greatest protection?

Although business security generally has a single aim – preventing intrusion into your business from the outside – a good business security system will be multifaceted, protecting you from both employee and customer theft during business hours as well as unauthorized entry after hours.


Strategically-placed wireless security cameras both inside and outside your business can allow you to review safety or security incidents after the fact or monitor interactions in real time from your mobile device.

Alarmed windows and doors can send an instant signal to the police when an attempt is made to open them from the outside.


When it comes to theft, the right security measures depend largely upon your business. Cash-heavy businesses like fast food restaurants or small retail establishments may benefit from security cameras mounted directly over the cash registers to capture any discrepancies in register totals.

You may also want to have a panic button that will allow your employees to quickly contact the authorities when needed by simply pushing a button and asking for help, rather than fumbling for a phone.

The Convenience of Automated Security

In many cases, improving security and increasing automation can go hand-in-hand; the ability to turn on your building’s exterior lights or electronically lock doors from your mobile device can be an effective deterrent for many would-be burglars.

You may want to consider investing in a commercial automation system that will allow you to control your business’s lights, security system, and sometimes even door locks from a mobile device. If an associate does not lock the door, ADT’s door lock can be set to lock at a certain time and can even alert you that the door is unlocked.

These systems also include monitors that can immediately notify you and the appropriate emergency personnel of power outages or even floods affecting your business.

To learn more about automated security options for your business, contact your local experts at ADT 24/7 Total Protection.

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