Fire & Smoke Monitoring

smoke detector of fire alarm in action

Safeguard yourself against fire and smoke in your home with ADT 24/7 Total Protection. With our “always-on,” 24-hour monitoring service, you gain the peace of mind that comes with cutting-edge detection technology and a local communication center on your side – all of it efficiently integrated to provide swift, well-coordinated response from emergency personnel.

The Risk and the Threat of Fire

Whether sparked by a stovetop flame, a faulty wire, a forgotten cigarette or candle, or any other cause, fires can spread and grow with terrifying speed, which makes early warning absolutely critical. Every minute and every second counts when it comes to your safety during a home fire.

Cutting Edge Fire Monitoring from ADT

With ADT 24/7 Total Protection, you get a state-of-the-art, finely-tuned system delivering around-the-clock fire and smoke monitoring. As soon as our sophisticated sensors detect smoke and heat, they notify our monitoring center whether you’re at home or not. Our professionally trained staff then immediately alert authorized emergency personnel to deliver swift and comprehensive fire response. We protect what others don’t. Studies show fires that start in the garage or attic often go undetected because most residential buildings don’t put sensors in these areas. ADT offers a special sensors for these non-climate controlled areas.

Always-on, 24 Hour Protection

The ADT “always-on” guarantee means our fire monitoring setup functions throughout the day and night even if your security system isn’t set. Every ADT security system includes a backup battery in the event of a power failure.

The ADT Standard

Here at ADT 24/7 Total Protection, we take protecting homeowners from fire as seriously as securing them against burglary and vandalism. When you turn to us for smoke and fire monitoring, you’re tapping into ADT’s remarkable track record: more than 130 years of proven and trusted performance developing and operating top-quality safety and security systems.

But you’re also benefiting from the knowledge, attentiveness, and responsiveness of our truly local company. As an authorized local ADT dealer, we’re also members of the South Carolina communities that we faithfully serve.

Protection You Can Count On

With 24-hour monitoring service from ADT 24/7 Total Protection, you’re able to face the threat of fires head-on. With advanced on-site technology combined with our staff, we’re able to quickly call on emergency fire-response personnel as soon as our detectors alert us to smoke or heat in your home or business.

That’s true whether or not you are home, whether or not your ADT security system is currently turned on, and even if the case of a power outage. That’s what we mean by 24 hours of “always-on” fire monitoring and protection services.

Take the first step to protecting your home and family with ADT and get in touch with one of our Secure Your Home staff today!

Awesome customer service! I scheduled them to come out and install a security system at my home. They were prompt, courteous, and cleaned up after the installation. After the installer left I managed to set the alarm off. I typed in the wrong code to many times locking my self out of the system. The installer called me after hours and walked me through how to correct the problem. First class!

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