Home Security & Automation

When your home is monitored by ADT customer monitor, your home and family are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’re connected to a comprehensive network of command centers strategically located and ready to respond throughout Columbia, Lexington, Aiken, Camden or Orangeburg South Carolina. ADT provides customized options that give customers the safety, peace of mind, control, convenience and automation in residential security that they are looking for in either a Standard or Pulse Security System.

ADT Residential Security Systems

All systems include

  • 24/7 residential security monitoring by trained professionals
  • Rapid Alarm response, that notifies local authorities of an emergency in your home
  • Ability to arm and disarm your system from almost anywhere on any web-enabled device
  • Up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance

Standard Security System

The standard security system includes everything you need to connect to ADT’s security command centers for complete home protection. With the standard security system, you get:

A keypad:

  • Police, medical, and fire panic buttons for home emergencies
  • Ability to program a special code to alert our centers of a hostage situation
  • Chime mode, which beeps when a door is opened even while system is disarmed

Sensors that Activate:

  • When doors are opened
  • When windows are opened
  • With interior motion

And the security key-chain remote.

Standard security systems include two modes when armed:

  • Stay Mode – arms the perimeter while you and your family stay safe inside. It includes the option for NO DELAY, which will sound the alarm immediately if the delay indicated doors are opened. This would only be used when everyone is in for the night.
  • Away Mode – arms the perimeter plus activates the indoor motion sensors

You can enhance your security by adding glass break sensors and monitored smoke detectors.

ADT Pulse Residential Security System

With ADT Pulse you get all of the above plus the convenience, control and automation you need and want in managing your home and its security.

  • Remotely check the status of your security system
  • Remotely arm or disarm your security system
  • Get text and email notifications of alarm events and emergencies
  • Set security system schedules and automation
  • Download iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  • Manage your security system from your personalized web portal
  • Trust deadbolts that allow for keyless entry, protection from lock bumping, scheduled lock/unlock automation, remote lock/unlock
  • Utilize Video Monitoring to view footage in real time. Customize camera settings to automatically record various types of security events. Send video clips via text or email.

You can take the automation and control of residential security to the next level by adding:

  • Lighting control and automation – Save energy by either automating or controlling lights from anywhere. Have lights automatically come on when you enter.
  • Thermostat Control and automation – Save energy by remotely controlling your thermostat from any device or automating the temperature control.

Contact ADT 24/7 Total Protection today to learn more about security, control, and automation in residential security. With ADT, you can live and work securely.

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